Bo's Family

Bo's Story

After years in the foster system, Bo's life changed when he found a new family that adopted him, and he changed his label from "foster kid" to "son."

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Bo's FamilySingle_MomW Family


New Life Adoptions of Wenatchee is a Christian, Washington State licensed, "no fee" adoption agency.

Our mission is to find permanent, adoptive homes for orphan children in Washington State and to assist families in need of the financial means to adopt.

New Life Adoptions of Wenatchee recruits, trains and supports singles and families from all faiths and walks of life who seek to adopt both infants and the orphans in our society; children in the state foster care system who long to have their names changed from "foster kid" to "son" and "daughter."

New Life Adoptions Wenatchee works to increase the awareness of schools, churches, and community members about issues concerning the current reality of adoption in our society.

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Our mission is to place children into loving Christian adoptive homes, and to remove barriers to adoption - financial, perceptual/and practical. The children we serve are local infants and children currently in the custody of the State of Washington and infants relinquished privately for adoption.


None, nothing, nada! Our services are funded by donations. However families involved in private adoptions are responsible for their own attorney fees.


We seek loving Christian families in Washington State who are willing to be thoroughly prepared to transform their families and seek abundant life through adoption.


New Life Adoptions exists on your donations to allow us to continue with no fee adoptions. Would you consider making a donation today?